I like working on open-source projects. You can find most of my code on Github.

Some projects I've contributed to:

Green Cost Explorer. Estimate your AWS Carbon Emissions using cost data. 2019 - ongoing. Find a programming study group in your area! Built with and by the Rubycorns. 2016 - ongoing.

Delete Your Tweets. Offline. An app that lets you delete your old tweets. It is built with Phoenix & Elixir.


I like making tiny games. You can play some of them online:

Sleepy Dog. A game made for the BerlinMiniJam, written in Clojurescript with Quil. The theme was Cats, Dogs and Nighttime, so I made a game about a sleepy, hungry dog. January 2017.

The Mermaid Situation. A point-and-click that we made for LudumDare 2016 with ClojureScript and Quil. You're a mermaid stuck in a room who wants to get back to the sea. 2016.